Spring Style: How To Keep Your Little One Stylish This Season

Spring Style: How To Keep Your Little One Stylish This Season

Spring has finally sprung, and it’s time to ditch that bulky winter wardrobe for something a little more fun and sleek. Although it’s not quite warm enough to bust out your summer gear, the spring weather does require a stylish wardrobe update.

And we can help your child look cool even as the weather warms up, with her stylish fashion tips. You’ll love how good they look, and they’ll love the fact that summer is drawing closer and closer every day.

Rock Out The Preppy Look

You’ll love adding a funky edge to normally preppy outfits this spring. Dress your child in a warm pullover sweater, but pair it with distressed jeans and a pair of funky Converse sneakers. Your child will be delighted to wear their favorite heavy metal t-shirt, but they’ll look sharper than ever when paired with corduroy pants. Jump into your Pantera stroller to complete the look, and you and your child will be ready to rock!

Make A Statement

You can jazz up all your child’s spring outfits with just a single statement piece. Turn a boring dress into a dramatic look perfect for a party with a striking jacket. You can take a patterned handkerchief and pair it with a plain sweater for a look your child will love. And remember, you can get as creative as you want with statement pieces. Your kid might love to rock a colorful pair of sneakers, or prefer a hat that will turn heads. Let them suggest their own ideas — you might be surprised by what they come up with.
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Play Up Pastels

As the weather gets brighter, so do the shades of your kid’s wardrobe! While it’s still great to mix dark, dramatic shades into your ensemble, be sure to go for the lighter side as well. A blue button down can be made casual with a pair of sneakers, while a soft pink sweater can perk up a darker-colored romper. It’s a fun way to combine those dark winter styles with the brighter colors that summer brings. Mix and match as needed, to keep your child’s look as fresh as the ever-warming spring weather.


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