Music & Development

Music & Development

Daphy's: Combining The Latest In Color & Audio Science To Define A Brand While Developing Your Brain. 

No matter a first child or a tenth (for those willing to go the EXTRA Mile) creating and fostering advantages for our children and how to achieve them remains both paramount and a constant quest for all parents alike. While there is no shortage of opinions and claims regarding diet, activity, language and a plethora of arenas, there remains constant agreement on the benefits of exposure to music. Science has claimed through multitudes of papers and studies that in utero exposure to music has shown an increase in brain development and creative problem solving in infants. Our question is once that little tot is out and about what choices can we make to help our babies thrive and grow.


At Daphyl’s answering this question was at the foundation of creating the company. As parents we were aware of the science regarding music and the benefits of exposure during pregnancy and the focus of music during the second and third trimesters. We wanted to continue that effort and instill a love of music far beyond pregnancy and into the baby and toddler phase of life when so much of “Life Shaping” occurs. Intuitively we knew exposure to great music at an early age was tremendously beneficial to children but when we partnered with our incredible bands we found out that the products we would develop would bring not only great music but so much more to our little rockers.

Who we work with:

Choosing the right bands to work with was a journey of discovery. We knew we wanted bands that not only were iconic in their stature but bands and artists who through their songs have told stories that span the globe and speak to generations, from the youngest of babies (our customers) to an elder community of timeless rock n rollers. We also wanted to work with bands that understood not only the power of music and sound but the unbelievable power of image and color. All our bands have imagery, logos and colorful patterns that are universally recognizable to them and perfect for introducing even the youngest of fans. It was based on these two attributes music / sound and imagery / color that we found ourselves fortunate to work with (Click each brand name to shop these iconic lines):

and other iconic bands, all of whom exemplify these attributes.

While embarking on a deep dive into color and color theory we were again pleasantly surprised by how organically the imagery of our merchandise melded with the best attributes of current knowledge in this field. For generations baby color had been defined essentially by Blue and Pink and while those are respectably great colors they overlook the panoply of colors that shape a young mind. Studies and articles are now published regularly discussing the multitude of benefits early introduction to bright colors and patterns has on infants. Recently the American Optometric Association along with Doctor Sears Wellness institute published this article which speaks to this value.



The Daphyl’s Difference:

Until now a predominantly black sippy cup was unheard of. When we released our Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon sippy it changed the perception of what a sippy cup design could be. With bright colors and patterns and lines that can be traced by young minds to assist in building motor skills we successfully melded the apex in awesome and fun with engagement and nurture.

Our Grateful Dead and Bob Marley designs fashioned with Tie Dyes, Dancing Bears and multitudes of bright colors and patterns have been scientifically proven (not that we needed proof) to convey feeling of happiness and brightness that stays with young minds throughout their day.  

Utilization of warm soft colors such as the Grateful dead Dancing Bears create a comfortable and intimate environment Orange is said to embody better social interaction, green symbolizes renewal, pink is calming, purple has long been associated with royalty, and light blue is linked to creativity. 


It’s clear that our focus on expanding the traditional baby color palette and infusing amazing music, culture, pop art and fun into baby gear allows Daphyl’s to stand out as a baby lifestyle company. We’re proud and enthusiastic on a daily basis to bring the best in baby gear to the youngest generation who in our eyes are all, in their own right, rockstars.