Making Sweet Music: Toys & Activities To Inspire Your Child’s Creative Side

Making Sweet Music: Toys & Activities To Inspire Your Child’s Creative Side

Your little one has a big imagination — and now is the time to encourage them to really get in touch with their creative side. Creativity is a powerful tool that can provide your children with a rich inner life, as well as help them professionally and academically in the future. Best of all, you can help them to nurture this trait with a bunch of fun activities everyone will enjoy.

We’ve rounded up some great tips and ideas for encouraging your child to be creative. Be sure to try them all to see which one sparks your little one’s imagination.

Rock On

Get your child excited about music by having them start their very own band! You can watch fun music videos together for inspiration, and share your favorite songs with them. Then grab a fun plush guitar and have them play along with songs they love! They’ll have fun doing wild guitar solos thinking up their own lyrics.

If they seem especially interested, you can suggest they try their hands at playing actual instruments. Who knows — you might have a creative budding rock star on your hands!

Investigate Your World

Creativity comes in all forms, and scientific experimentation is one of them! If your child is curious about the natural world, have them go on a nature hike with you. The two of you can learn about the different plants and animals in the area, and even do some fun experiments at home!

You’ll both learn some amazing natural facts, and your child’s mind will open up to the wonders of the natural world. You can even write journal entries or short stories about your discoveries together.

Creative Dinosaur Costume | Daphyl's Iconic Baby Gear

Dig Deep

If your little one loves dinosaurs, do some research into fossils. You can even schedule a trip to a museum to learn even more about these magnificent creatures. Then have your child discuss what they’ve learned, what they think about the dinosaurs, and what they imagine they might look like. It’s a fun combination of fact and fantasy you’ll both enjoy.

Create A Comic Book

Your child will adore creating a fun and fantastical comic book with you! You can download simple outlines of pages online, or simply draw your own. Then have your kid think up a superhero, their secret identity, and you’re ready to go! Everyone will love the fun adventures their character gets into, and your child will gain confidence and creativity when they share their stories with family and friends. So ask your child this: What would your superpower be?