Five Stroller Mistakes Parents Need To Avoid

Five Stroller Mistakes Parents Need To Avoid

Five Stroller Mistakes Parents Need To Avoid

Strollers might seem safe, but they can pose many dangers for babies. Shockingly, in the U.S. two children visit the emergency room every hour for injuries linked to infant carriers or strollers, according to a study by the Center for Injury Research and Policy of the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Many of these injuries are head injuries.

It’s very important to know how to use a stroller so that it doesn’t put your baby at risk. Here are five stroller mistakes to avoid.

You Don’t Use The Brakes

The stroller’s brakes are there for a reason. Although they might seem OTT, they’re really important to use, even if you’re only moving slowly. As outlined by Parents, it just takes a bump to the stroller, such as from an older sibling, for it to flip over, especially if you’re on an elevated surface.

If you have to take a call on your cell phone or find something in your handbag, always put the stroller’s brakes on first, even if you’re on a level surface.

You Cover Baby Up

Yes, it’s hot and you don’t want your baby to be exposed to the harmful UV rays so you cover the stroller with a blanket. But this can be dangerous. Your baby could become too hot, which is not just uncomfortable for them but can cause heat stroke. In addition, your baby could suffocate under the blanket, as Parents reports.

Make sure you only use a light blanket, and make sure you don’t cover the stroller completely because this cuts off air circulation. It’s a better choice to purchase a stroller with a canopy that will offer sun protection for your baby, so you can leave the blanket at home.

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You Use The Cup Holder For Your Morning Coffee

It might seem like no big deal to use your child’s stroller’s cup holder for your hot cup of coffee, but this can easily become a freak accident. If this hot drink spills, it can burn your baby. Rather hold your takeaway coffee when taking your baby for a neighborhood stroll to avoid unnecessary accidents.

You Don’t Use The Harness

You might think, “Why should I strap my baby into the stroller when I’m just going for a slow walk with him?” Well, consider this. A 2002 study found that 76 percent of baby injuries from strollers were caused by babies falling out of them, as Baby Center reports.

You might not think your baby can fall out of their stroller if they’re snugly sleeping in it, but you’ll be surprised. You never know when they can slip or move, and if they’re not safely secured in the stroller, they could fall out of it.

You Jog Instead Of Walk

You might be in a hurry, so you increase your walking speed so that you’re basically jogging along with your baby in his stroller. It’s not safe! Not only can you trip, putting your baby at risk of injury, but your baby’s neck and core muscles need to have grown and developed so that he can handle all the bumps on the pavement, as Baby Center explains.

The site goes on to advise that you don’t use an off-road stroller or jog with a stroller until your child is at least eight months old. If your baby is over the age of two months, you can walk briskly, but make sure you’re walking on smooth surfaces and avoid picking up the pace.

Although recorded stroller injury stats are scary, it’s clear to see that many stroller-related injuries that occur can easily be avoided. Keep baby safe out there!


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