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Summer 2022


The Marley One Love Experience

Exclusive Exhibit This July Lighthouse ArtSpace 1 Yonge Street TOR. The experience will showcase never-before-seen Marley photographs and memorabilia, while immersing you in a journey through his life, passions, influences, and enduring legacy.

Running July 2022

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Marley's Three Little Birds

This jammin' musical featuring the timeless music and lyrics of Bob Marley is based on the children's book (Every Little Thing) by his daughter Cedella Marley. Bob Marley's Three Little Birds shares the legendary reggae artist's message of peace and love with a new generation of songbirds.
Mama says "breathe easy," but Ziggy's afraid to leave the house. He's too busy worrying about tropical storms, evil spirits and steering clear of that sneaky, hair-snatching Duppy! But with the help of Dr. Bird and his feathered friends, Ziggy's reminded that "every little thing gonna be all right!"

Running June 17 - July 4th

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Past Publications



In this article, Pop Picks explores fan inspired products that are taking the internet by storm including our line of strollers. Take your future rock stars from the cradle to the stage with these strollers inspired by legendary rock bands. Available in Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, and Pantera styles, the easy-fold umbrella strollers feature soft grip handles, an easy-carry shoulder strap, and swivel wheels.

Originally this publication made our lines expand and force us to place an additional order to keep up with customers needs, now it has set a new standard for all stocking thanks to your support of our brand. 

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Le guide des cadeaux de vacances du Heavy Metal

"Nous pouvons tous convenir que 2020 restera dans les livres d’histoire. Une année pas comme les autres, mais il semble que les vacances approchent à grands pas. Noël, Hanoukka et Kwanza acheter des têtes en métal n’est peut-être pas facile, alors chez Metal Injection, nous avons quelques suggestions sur le cadeau pour obtenir votre tête de métal préférée cette saison de vacances."

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The Untold History of the Dennis Rodman Tattoo T-Shirt

In this article learn how entrepreneur, and Daphyl's Founder, Micky Goldschmidt created the most peculiar piece of 1990s Chicago Bulls merchandise.  

From there, see how Micky turned that into a licensed Rock N' Roll baby gear product line, turning innovation, a love for music and passion for children into a world wide recognized brand in baby gear. 

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Cool Mom Picks: Top 20 Baby Shower Gifts

In this "Cool Mom Picks” article they speak about the top baby shower gifts for hip moms in 2020, in particular our Grateful Dead Baby Stroller. With key features that combine comfort, affordability and safety features that truly set it out for its price point which is why this product is at their top of the list for the countdown.

Note: Since the publication of this article, our products have only gotten better because they now include a sun visor, increased stability mesh cargo basket and locking wheels.

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A Vulgar Display of Parenting: Here’s that Pantera baby stroller you always wanted

In this article, we learn how Daphyl's Pantera stroller is the breakout start of the gift guide.

"Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend Vanyaland published its first ever Gift Guide, but now we kind of wish we held off, as the greatest gift for rock and roll parents of small children and babies has arrived: This Pantera stroller.

According to Metal Insider, Pantera fans can now take a “Walk” with their kid in proper metal style, thanks to Daphyl’s, “the company that sells rock-themed baby products including Grateful Dead bibs, Pink Floyd sippy cups, and more." 

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NoiseCreep: Far Beyond Strollin': Check Out This Pantera Baby Transport

"Metal has been catering to the corrupting of youth for years now, what with onesies available in cute renditions of Metallica and Judas Priest to name a few. Daphyls has taken things to "A New Level" if you will, debuting the "Pantera Stroller," good for kids before they learn to "Walk" and turn into "Cowboys From Hell."

"These kids were made for pushing…," goes the company tagline. "The minivan may not be the coolest ride, but that doesn't mean the stroller can't be. Daphyl's lightweight easy fold umbrella stroller offers the perfect option for easy strolling. Expertly crafted meeting the most stringent safety designs, out strollers offer soft grip handles, easy carry shoulder strap and a host of other amenities not usually found in this lifestyle amenity. All of this while maintaining our 'Rock & Roll' branding and imagery that is sure to delight you and your kids."

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45 Awesome Beatles-Themed Baby Products

"If you're a Beatles fan and a parent (or parent-to-be), you may want to introduce your kids to the magic of the Fab Four early on ... like, from birth.
From nursery decor to onesies to lullaby cover albums, there are countless ways to share the Beatles love with your baby. We've scoured the Internet for the cutest infant-sized tributes to John, Paul, George and Ringo.
Without further ado, here are 45 adorable baby and toddler products for growing families that love the Fab Four."

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THEPRP: Official Pantera Baby Stroller Now Available

"Daphyls‘ line of officially licensed baby gear now includes an official Pantera baby stroller, which you can find on sale here. The stroller is one of the various artist licensed products from the company, with similar items featuring branding from Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd and more also on sale."

In this review THEPRP takes a look at the full line of products talking about what our brand has to offer. 

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Pantera have an official stroller, perfect for any metal baby this Christmas

"On the hunt for that perfect Christmas gift for the metal baby in your life? Well, look no further, because the official Pantera stroller from Daphyls is here. Check out an Instagram pic of the hard-rockin' stroller below.

Now you can cruise the little one around in ultimate metal style while the debate inside of your head rages as to whether Vulgar Display Of Power or Far Beyond Driven is the best Pantera album. Well, which is it?.."

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Kerrang's Introduction To Our Pantera Stroller

Kerrang!, British Weekly punk rock magazine devoted to rock and punk of all ages takes a first look at our Iconic Pantera licensed stroller. Introduced to this brand through a social media push, Kerrang talks about how dreams for all metal fans can come true by having our one-of-a-kind stroller based around a long time favorite band of theirs!

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