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About Us

Daphyl’s proudly brings the world of Rock ‘n’ Roll to our youngest generation. For today’s parents who are ready for a change from the same old status quo and want something a bit more in quality, design and image for their kids, Daphyl’s is primed to oblige.

Bringing iconic and legendary brands such as The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Elvis, The Who & Jimi Hendrix to our future movers, shakers, leaders and rock stars is our joy and mission.

Daphyl’s, from the cradle TO THE STAGE!

Who We Are:

At Daphyls we are a company of industry veterans, excited to bring the world of iconic and legendary Rock & Roll to our youngest generation. Merging our expertise in product design, development, and safety along with a passion for music, fun and style, Daphyl’s proudly presents an infant / toddler lifestyle line for “my generation”.

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