We at Daphyl's believe...

Style Matters

"You gotta do it in Style, and rhythm, and rhythm..."
Tom Jones 2008

Play Matters

"Let the children have their way, let the children Play"
Sanatana 1997

Attitude Matters

"You better shake that funky Attitude you better love your mother"
Smash Mouth 1999

Curiosity Matters

"If I climb a tree Just to see what I see, does that makes me Curious?"
Barenaked Ladies 2008

Nurture Matters

"Are all things to sustain me, Nurture and claim me"
Jethro Tull 1999

and always

Laughter Matters

"Does anybody remember Laughter"
Led Zepplin 1976

The Rock N’ Roll Collection

by Daphyl’s

About Daphyl’s

At Daphyl’s our goals are to create the best infant & toddler experience for your loved ones. A company founded on the principle that best in quality can also be rooted in best in style. At Daphyl’s our products wear 2 blue ribbons.

The Daphyl’s mission is always:
Safety: CPSIA FDA safety certified products
Baby Friendly
Parent / Care Giver Friendly
Physician Recommended (when possible)
Lots of Style and Fun

From our Iconic Rock N Roll baby gear to our insulated marsupeez™ bottle assist plush and more, at Daphyl’s our team of like minded Parent’s, Grand Parent’s and care givers across the spectrum are steadfast in a brand that does parenting right!