Our Bands

The Beatles: Widely recognized as the greatest rock band in history, The Beatles is a true rock and roll legend.  For more than 50 years, The Beatles’ music, harmonies, lyrics, and message has penetrated the hearts and souls of music fans spanning the globe.  Daphyl’s proudly brings a taste of The Beatles’ iconic imagery and message to our youngest generation.


Grateful Dead:  Few bands have spoken to multiple generations the way the Grateful Dead have.  Their presence in the music world is approaching a half a century and carries a consistent message of love, free-spiritedness, and friendship.  The band is represented visually through colorful images such as tie-dyes, dancing bears, and roses.  Daphyl’s presents a first taste of this blissful vision of life to today’s free-spirited kids.

Pink Floyd: For over 45 years, Pink Floyd has exposed the globe to a brand of rock music that remains second to none.  Through scores of mind-capturing lyrics and as the originators of psychedelic rock and marathon song intros, the band’s influence on music is unsurpassed.  Daphyl’s brings to today’s infants and toddlers some of Pink Floyd’s most recognized and impactful images.

The Who: It’s been nearly 40 years since The Who famously asked “Who are you?” Since then, The Who, with its patented heart-pounding music and cultural relevance, has been considered one of the most legendary bands in rock and roll history. Daphyl’s is excited to bring My Generation of The Who to every generation of music fans.