Marsupeez Koala Bottle Assist Plush Toy


Make bottle-feeding time with your baby the best it can be. Marsupeez Koala bottle assist plush will easily become your little one’s favorite doll. Made of extra soft materials, the fabric is easy to grip and hold for the littlest hands. The Marsupeez insulated, quilted pouch is sure to help keep the contents of your bottle warmer longer further enhancing the feeding time for your baby. Easy to wash and maintain an essential for any home, or diaper bag. Perfect as a gift for any new or expecting moms.

  • Insulated Quilted Bottle Pouch
  • All New Materials
  • Polyester Fibers 100%
  • Imported
  • Extra Soft No Hard Parts
  • Machine Washable
  • Bottle Not Included

A Perfect Plush and So Much More!

Every baby deserves the best and softest when it comes to their plush friends. marsupeez Koala provides all of that plus the additional bonus of a quilted, insulated pouch to hold your baby’s bottle and keep it’s contents warmer longer!

A Well Fed Baby is a Happy Baby!

Super soft easy to grip plush for the smallest of hands. Your baby will gain their feeding independence and enjoy bottle time with their best friend plush!

A Little Help From Our Friend!

When your Baby doesn’t want to finish their bottle all at once. Utilize our quilted insulated pouch to help keep the bottle contents warmer longer. Your Baby’s great feeding experience is our goal!

Style, Fun, Function!

Our Marsupeez Koala bottle assist plush does it all. Perfect for at home, travel or as a gift, your little ones will never be happier! With easy care and maintenance, it is a must-have for Baby and Parent alike!