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When Your Love for Music Rubs Off on Your Children

Love for Music

I am the mother of 3 boys, Bradley 7 months, Jacob 6 years, and Nicholas 9 years. We were never the family to listen to kid music in the car. Instead, they grew up listening to what mommy and daddy enjoyed and our love for music. That being mostly classic rock with a few new things thrown in here and there. Our family listens to a lot of Pandora and Spotify; not really normal radio stations. It gives me a happy feeling inside when a song comes on that a typical kid now a days wouldn’t know and my kids start rocking out and singing all the lyrics.

We don’t do much television watching in our house so music is almost always playing. It has come to the point now where when we talk it sparks song lyric quotes. I said “oh lord” one day and my 9 year old fed off my words and sang “won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz” then he laughed and said “I can sing a song off almost anything you say mom.”

My 9 year old gave me a mother’s day card this year and on the back of it he drew a picture of the world with our five family members on top of it and wrote “Lord I’m sitting on top of the world.” He explained to me that it is one of his favorite Grateful Dead lyrics and that with his family by his side he feels like he is sitting on top of the world every day. Within the last year he decided he wanted to grow his hair out long and wear lots of tie dye and band shirts. He said at school he is nicknamed tie dye boy and he is unique among the other students, in a cool way. I was also thanked for encouraging him to be free and to be whatever he wants to be. It is good knowing I am not forcing my musical tastes and interests on my child; he genuinely enjoys it and wants to be involved.

Our Love For Music

I feel my kids personalities were definitely shaped by listening to the music we do daily. They have been to kid friendly music festivals and concerts and have the time of their lives there. Parents who think they have to lose their hobbies when they have kids are wrong in my opinion. As long as you can be responsible your kids can enjoy the things you do alongside you. I hope that my kids continue to enjoy classic rock and introduce their friends and their future family to it. My 6 year old told me “Mom can you believe none of the kids in my class know who The Beatles are? That is crazy!” I am sure as the years pass he will make them fully aware of who they are.

I have a couple stand out memories so far revolving around music with my kids that I will never forget. First, sitting around a campfire while my husband plays guitar and the whole family sings along with him. Second, family karaoke night in our living room, the songs my kids choose to sing amaze me. Finally, being at a music festival and watching my kids hula hoop to the band on stage with a crowd of people around them saying “wow they are so good!” These are all moments I will forever cherish and none of them would be possible without the classic rock music we hold so dear to our hearts.

— Jessica Blackwood is a mother of 3 boys from Pennsylvania