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What About the Little One: Are Babies Forgotten During the Holiday Season?

By December 2, 2018Parenting, Safety
Babies Forgotten During the Holiday Season | Daphyl's Iconic Baby Gear

As the stress of the holiday season falls upon us, many of us get so invested in the obligatory craziness (buying gifts, cooking, traveling, etc.) that we forget one major detail:

Our babies. Whoops.

The holidays are draining, and so is having an infant. Here are some ways you may be affecting your baby during this hectic time of year—and what you can do to make it better so your babies aren’t forgotten.

Your Infant Isn’t Getting Enough Rest

Babies need between 16 and 20 hours of sleep per day. Lots of aspects of the holiday season can prevent that rest. Your family may be staying out later for Christmas Eve or New Year’s, for instance. But remember that your newborn’s rest is an integral part of their physical and cognitive growth.

If you can find a babysitter or trusted family member/friend who is willing to stay home with the baby, consider this option.

Babies Forgotten During the Holiday Season | Daphyl's Iconic Baby Gear

Your Child is Being Exposed to Too Many Germs

The Christmas season is known for its hordes of shoppers crammed too close together. These people are all infested with germs, and a lot of them are sick. Keep your baby away from areas where there will be multiple people. Shopping malls, parades, caroling, etc., should all be off limits to your newborn.

Babies Forgotten During the Holiday Season | Daphyl's Iconic Baby Gear

Your Baby is Dealing with Too Much Travel

 It’s common for families to travel long distances around the holidays, but you might want to pass on this—at least for the first year. Aside from the germ issue, babies do not do well with extended periods of travel time, nor is it good for them. Head and neck pain are sure to become present if a baby is sitting in a car seat or an airplane seat for too long.

If your family must travel, be sure to take lots of breaks so the baby can get skin-to-skin contact with a parent when possible.

Hold Off Until Next Year

The bigger kids might get a lot of excitement out of these fun family memories, but the little ones suffer. For your baby’s first holiday season, it’s in their best interest for someone to sit these memories out and stay home with them. Wouldn’t you want that for yourself if you were a baby (who could form logical, cohesive thoughts)?

Put your baby’s health first this year as you look forward to next year!


Editor’s Note: Julia Miglets is a freelance content provider & writer for Daphyl’s LLC. Daphyl’s is a USA based multi-national world leader in safe, innovative, Licensed Rock N Roll, branded baby gear. The opinions, advice and assertions made in this article are for entertainment and information purposes only & are solely those of the author.

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