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That God-Forsaken Twist In My Car-Seat Harness

By November 28, 2018Parenting, Safety
Car Seat Safety - Twisted Car Seat Straps | Daphyl's Iconic Baby Gear

Twisted car-seat straps are every mom’s worst nightmare, especially on busy mornings. They can also be dangerous. Hintmama explains how tangled straps can prevent the force of impact from being spread across the harness straps correctly. During an accident, this can cause injuries to your child. Thankfully, there are easy ways to keep harness straps neat and prevent them from making you frazzled.

Stick To Good Daily Harness Habits

By keeping an eye on your harness straps, you can prevent them from becoming a mess. Dr. Alisa Baer, a car-seat expert, offers Hintmama these quick and easy tips to keep harness straps untangled. First, remove the shoulder pad covers that attach to the straps with Velcro as these can cause tangles to occur. Next, put your child into the car seat when the straps are loose. By tightening them each time your child’s in the seat, you’ll prevent them from becoming twisted.

Use The “Fold Over” Method

Car Seat Safety - Twisted Car Seat Straps | Daphyl's Iconic Baby GearA good way to untangle those straps quickly when they’re especially problematic is to follow three easy steps from ERF Mission. First, fold the car seat harness strap over onto itself, as if you are folding it in half. Then, pull the plastic connector bit over this fold. Once you’ve pulled it all the way down, you’ll see that it has straightened out the twisted straps. Phew, now you’re ready to go.

Make Them Snug

A common culprit for twisted car-seat harness straps is if they’re too loose. A good tip is to try to pinch the harness webbing – if you can do this, then it’s too loose for your child. This makes it easier for the straps to tangle and twist. As pointed out by Kids Health, make sure the straps fit snugly over your baby, especially over their shoulders and thighs, to prevent tangles. Doing this also provides the right protection for your child in the case of accidents.

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