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It’s Cold Outside – What To Do On The Weekend? Cold Weather Activities

By November 30, 2018Parenting
Cold Weather Activities | Daphyl's Iconic Baby Gear

The weather outside may be frightful, but that doesn’t mean your kids are going to hibernate for the next few months. As it gets colder and wetter outside, more and more children will be spending their weekends indoors — and they’ll be looking for ways to keep busy. While it may be tempting to plop your kid in front of the television until spring returns, there are much better options for weekend fun. We’ve got the rundown on some great indoor cold weather activities to keep your kids happy and busy no matter how bad the weather may be.

Arts & Crafts | Cold Weather Activities | Daphyl's Iconic Baby GearArts and Crafts

Kids love to get creative, and now’s the time to let their talents flourish! Grab some paint by number kits from the art store and let them unleash their inner Picasso. If you’re looking for something with a seasonal theme, you can create pictures of winter wonderlands with the help of some cotton balls and glue. Have them build their very own cotton ball snowman (no freezing outdoor weather required).

See a Play

Add some culture to your weekend by taking your kids to see a play. There are tons of local productions going on this time of year, and many are designed specifically with the younger set in mind. Do some research and pick one that the whole family will enjoy for a memorable holiday adventure.

Board Game | Cold Weather Activities | Daphyl's Iconic Baby Gear

Board Game Day

Stuck inside with a bunch of bored kids? Still looking for cold weather activities? Turn it into a day of fun, laughter, and friendly competition by breaking out all your old board games. Your children will be delighted by some of the more retro options (Stratego, anyone?) and you’ll love sharing some beloved nostalgia with them. Let them share their favorite board games as well, for a great mix of classic choices and new favorites that will keep everyone busy all day long.

Science Fun

If you’ve got a kitchen, you’ve got the tools for tons of fun science experiments everyone in the family will love. You can make homemade playdough, a lava lamp that really works, or even create your own jellyfish (no sealife required). It may be a bit messy, but it’s all a lot of fun — and hey, who doesn’t want to get their hands dirty in the name of science?

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