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How to Include Your Little Ones in the New Year’s Eve Festivities

By December 31, 2018Parenting
New Years Eve | Daphyl's Iconic Baby Gear

New Year’s Eve is one of the most stress-free holidays to celebrate—no gifts, no cards, and (usually) no travel. You have all the more reason to make your holiday into a fun family evening with the kids.

Before you had kids, maybe you were used to going to bars with friends or attending crowded public events. But after you’ve had kids, it’s often easiest to stay in (but just as fun!).

Here are some simple yet memorable ways you can celebrate New Year’s Eve at home with your little ones.

Party in Style

Head to the party store and pick up all the cliched yet classic New Year’s accessories: hats, huge glasses, party horns, mardi gras beads, crowns, bow ties, etc. Your kids will get a kick out of playing dress-up, and the pieces will make for a very cute photo op.

New Years Eve | Daphyl's Iconic Baby Gear

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Invite Other Families for a Game Night

Know other couples with kids? Invite them to your New Year’s Eve extravaganza. Your children will love having other kids to hang out with, and you’ll enjoy being able to have grown up talk with the other parents.

To keep the kids occupied, host a family game night. Games could include indoor bean bag toss (or outdoor, if you live in a warm climate), Pictionary, musical chairs, Jenga, telephone, memory, or Twister.

Playing games and learning rules is beneficial to kids—plus, these games are plain fun for everyone involved.

Have a New Year’s Eve Sing-Along

Kids love to sing in front of people (before the social awareness creeps up on them). Teach your kids the words to Auld Lang Syne (or something reminiscent of it, since most of us don’t speak Scottish), or perhaps they have another song they love. Host a karaoke session and let your little ones belt out their favorite tunes.

Ring in the New Year (Before Bedtime)

If your kids are used to going to bed rather early (and are prone to narcoleptic episodes if kept up any longer), host a faux ball dropping ceremony in advance. Hold a countdown, blow into your noisemakers, and pour celebratory apple juice in their sippy cups (check out our sippy cup selection!). Acquainting your kids with the traditions of the holiday will make the evening extra special for them.

New Year’s Eve is a celebratory holiday, so let go of the idea that the holidays need to be stressful, and let your kids have as much fun as they can. They will hold these memories dear to their hearts for years to come.

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