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Flow Arts To The Music

I would like to introduce you to a fun pastime you can enjoy with your children while listening to music. It is called the flow arts and there are many different types. They are fun for all ages, some of them can be good exercise, and the best part is, it is all about your own personal flow. There are no expectations or specific ways you have to do these activities.

Our family saw a girl hula hooping at a music festival once, not the typical just around your waist hooping that would come to most people’s minds. She was dancing with her hoop and using it in ways I’d never seen, it was a beautiful. We decided we wanted to learn more about this and did some research. We have since become lovers of the flow arts.

Hula hooping is great exercise and there are many ways to use the hoop and variations of hoops. They come made of different materials, sizes, and weights. Most come decorated with colorful tapes, while some are LED, and even fire hoops! My 9 year old started fire hooping (under very close supervision) at 7 years old and he thinks it is the coolest thing to show to his friends. Look up hoop dance videos if you would like to see this style of hula hooping.

Just to name a few of the other flow arts there are poi balls, devil sticks, staff, fans, and orbits (which are really easy for kids to use) but the list definitely doesn’t end there. Most of the flow arts also have LED and fire varieties. These are all things you can look up on the internet and watch videos, prepare to be amazed! The videos you see may be professionals, but my kids started to enjoy these things at the ages of 3 and 6, so keep in mind you don’t have to be as good as a professional to enjoy it. Throw on some of your favorite tunes, pick up a flow toy, and dance along to the music!

— Jessica Blackwood is a mother of 3 boys from Pennsylvania