March 18

Best Educational TV Shows For Your Toddler


Busy parents everywhere know this trick of the trade for keeping curious toddlers out of their hair: plop them down in front of the TV and go straight to a kids’ network.

Eventually, though, they’re back at your side, tugging on your pockets, stepping on your feet, generally inconveniencing you when you’re trying to do the chores you’ve been putting off for a week.

There are few activities your child can do unattended, so TV is always the best option. It’s what your child is watching on TV, though, that is—or isn’t—holding their attention.

To kill two birds with one stone—entertain your child and give them a head start on their education—check out the following shows.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

An adorable reimagination of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood teaches life lessons by familiarizing viewers with memorable jingles. This show educates children on behavioral cues, like how to help when their new brother or sister comes home from the hospital, or how to treat other children they meet at school.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood | TV Shows | Daphyl's Iconic Baby Gear

Tumble Leaf

It’s never too soon to learn about science—even if it’s the most basic of principles. Tumble Leaf is a show about a fox who encounters various problems that he must solve using science. Your child will be introduced to concepts like motion, flight, energy, temperatures, and matter. These parts of science can get difficult later on, so begin the fundamentals with good TV shows now!

Tumble Leaf | TV Shows | Daphyl's Iconic Baby Gear

Dinosaur Train

Ross Geller-approved, Dinosaur Train is an interesting show about dinosaurs that any kid will love—dinosaur enthusiast or not. Each episode introduces viewers to a different breed of dinosaur, and kids will learn about diets, behavior, habitats, etc. Even if you don’t find dinosaurs to be a particularly valuable educational concept, this show will keep your kids engaged!

So, no matter how much time you let your kids watch, make sure they are watching educational TV shows!

Editor’s Note: Julia Miglets is a freelance content provider & writer for Daphyl’s LLC. Daphyl’s is a USA based multi-national world leader in safe, innovative, Licensed Rock N Roll, branded baby gear. The opinions, advice and assertions made in this article are for entertainment and information purposes only & are solely those of the author.


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