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All Boys? All Girls? The BEST Things About Both


You’re expecting! Congratulations!

Wishing for a boy? Hoping for a girl? Those are questions you’ll be asked time and again during your pregnancy; most parents will truthfully answer that it doesn’t matter, as long as the baby is healthy.

Deep down, Dad might be hoping for a boy he can toss a football with and take hunting, while Mom is keeping fingers crossed behind her back for that little girl she can put in pretty dresses and spend days baking with.

But at the end of the day, yes, health trumps gender.

And you’ll enjoy them no matter what. Boys can help moms bake and girls can catch a football. No big deal.

There is the chance that you might have three or four or even more children, and they might all be of the same sex. And that’s okay. It might sound overwhelming and you might feel somewhat disappointed that you didn’t get to experience both worlds, but there’s lots to love about having all of the same gender when you have kids.

We’ll take a look at the BEST things about having all boys or all girls.

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Boy oh boy oh boy…it might not be easy, but raising all boys can be loads of FUN.

Maybe one of the best is that boys will be boys…even when they’re grown up. Honestly, boys just seem to stay little for a bit longer. There seems to be some innate pressure on girls to grow up more quickly. Your tween boy might still enjoy exploring in the woods or playing in the dirt as much as he did when he was younger. Enjoy those times as much as possible. You’ll miss them when they’re gone.

Boys Family | Daphyl's Iconic Baby Gear

A mother/son bond is strong. You’ll love it. Most never grow too big or too old not to need their mamas…or give them a hug.

Hand-me-downs! (Save lots of $$ on new clothes).

Long car trip and no rest stops in sight? Behind every tree along the highway is a rest stop when you have all boys!

Boys also tend to be more laid back. Need to be out the door in record time? No hair to fuss with or clothes to change several times—boys are just ‘go with the flow’!
All boys can also build healthy competition, a tolerance of rough-housing and maybe best: built-in playmates! If you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, boys might be content with toy trucks or dressing up as their favorite superhero and pretty much entertain themselves.

Oh, and let’s face it: boy toys are cool!

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

You already have three girls and really want this one–your last–to be a boy…but the doctor proudly proclaims, “It’s a girl!”

Though not without its challenges same as raising all boys, having an all-girl clan is great. First, little girls LOVE to be Mommy’s Little Helper. Cleaning the house? Your girls will love to dust and vacuum and straighten up. It might not be done perfectly, but so what? You can all have fun “playing house”.

Boy clothes are neat and cheaper, but what Mom doesn’t love to dress up little girls? You can spend days wandering stores shopping for girl clothes. Most girls will love it.

Grils | Daphyl's Iconic Baby Gear

Dads: it takes a special guy to raise a daughter. You’ll be the #1 man in her life. There’s no feeling like it. No imagine it multiplied by three or four. Bliss. And you get that special dance with each one at their weddings.

That maternal instinct girls have will come in handy when you need help with the newest addition. Your older girls will step up and be little mamas to their baby sister. It can be a huge help!

Daddy/daughter dances. Mom/daughter Girls’ Nights Out. All girls? You get to do these over and over and over. Cherish it.

So all boys? Or all girls? Life’s the BEST either way.

Editor’s Note: Harrison Howe is a freelance content provider & writer for Daphyl’s LLC. Daphyl’s is a USA based multi-national world leader in safe, innovative, Licensed Rock N Roll, branded baby gear. The opinions, advice and assertions made in this article are for entertainment and information purposes only & are solely those of the author.


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