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A Daphyl’s Addiction

By May 10, 2016Kids Fashion, Parenting

We just got this amazing review from a great customer, Jessica. We love it when you love our stuff, especially our awesome Grateful Dead products!

A Daphyl’s Addiction

My 6 month old son, Bradley, loves his Grateful Dead Dancing Bear toy from Daphyl’s. We have the green and orange, his favorite part is the crinkle feet he loves to chew on them! I love that they attach to everything; stroller, highchair, jumperoo, carseat, we take them everywhere with us!

We also have the Grateful Dead “Tie Dye Swirl” sippy cup and are anxiously awaiting the “Dancing Bear” sippy. The Pink Floyd “The Wall” and “Dark Side of the Moon” sippys are also in our collection and lastly The Beatles “Yellow Sub”. These cups don’t spill and keep drinks cold. Our favorite feature though is the soft spout, which is perfect for a baby transitioning to a sippy cup, and has a lid to further prevent spills. We love these cups so much, even after he outgrows the sippy part we will keep the cups because they are so cool looking!

Thanks to Daphyl’s we have one of the most stylish classic rock babies around town. We love to show off his awesome gear and get many compliments and inquiries on where we found the gear. Thanks Daphyl’s for creating such fun stuff for parents and kids alike to enjoy. We have a Daphyl’s addiction.

— Jessica Blackwood is a mother of 3 boys from Pennsylvania