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Daphyls Rock and Roll Inspired Baby Products

By May 16, 2016Kids Fashion

Here’s another great review by a Mommy Blogger and Baby Products Reviewer

August 1982 – When Rob Halford belted out his legendary verse, “If you think I’ll sit around and watch this world go by, you’re thinking like a fool…” he likely didn’t realize that he was speaking to the future inspiration for a baby products company. But as it happens, along with countless other verses, songs, melodies and Rock personalities, it is exactly what was happening.

Bringing rock and roll to baby products, Daphyls products are the coolest things for the next generation. From sippy cups to strollers to toys and more, they’ve brought our favorite rock bands to every day baby items! Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead and even more, there’s a favorite rock-inspired item for every future rocker!

Daphyls Sippy Cups for Baby Products Review

Their sippy cups are seriously the best I’ve ever seen! And I’ve seen a LOT of sippy cups in my years… The tops are so easy to take apart and clean. The silicone mouth piece pops right out, leaving just a plastic screw on top and a cover. The cup is one piece and easy to clean too. I can even throw them in the dishwasher! There’s not 3049832043 pieces to these cups, which makes them so much better than others.

And look at those designs! The Who and The Beatles! The colors are vibrant, the designs are gorgeous and the bands rock. They haven’t faded or chipped in the wash. I’ve noticed most other cups tend to start to fade after being tossed in the dish washer which really bothers me.

The Daphyls sippy cups are sturdy and don’t leak. They have a great top piece that covers the mouth piece which keeps it clean when you’re on the go, or when your kid is rocking outside and throwing her cup in the dirt, pouring dirt out of a bucket on top of the cup or sharing with the cat.

Check out the Daphyls variety of products on their site, Target, and BuyBuyBaby.com

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