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Here’s Why Your Baby Needs To Follow A Green Lifestyle


Go Green With Baby This Year By Avoiding Toxins

If you haven’t started greening your baby’s lifestyle, it’s a really good idea for a New Year’s resolution. Infants are especially vulnerable to toxins, even more so than adults. This is due to how they have greater exposure to chemicals for their body weight when compared to adults. As Health Affairs states, a six-month-old baby will drink seven times more water per pound than an adult, and children will absorb three to four times more calories per pound than adults. So, when they come into contact with toxins, they’re going to absorb more of them.

Let’s be practical for a second: it’s not always economically viable to replace all your baby’s items and foods in one go. That’s okay. You can slowly fade out chemicals from your baby’s life by focusing on the most important elements first. These include food, skin products, clothing, and toys, since babies use these on a daily basis.

Where to start? Let’s identify some of the most common chemicals found in baby products and figure out how to eliminate them so that your baby can live a healthy and green lifestyle – from today.

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Common Chemicals Hiding In Baby Products

There are some common toxins that are found in baby products which are best avoided for a green lifestyle because of their risks. These include:


The ingredients in fragrance aren’t required by law to be listed on products, but often a group of chemicals found in fragrances is phthalates. These are endocrine disruptors that can contribute to a variety of conditions, such as birth defects, infertility, liver and breast cancer, and diabetes. Avoid any and all products with fragrances.

Petroleum-based ingredients:

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) states that up to 40 percent of baby lotions and baby oils contain petrolatum. This is made from crude oil and it coats your baby’s skin, not allowing it to breathe. When skin pores are clogged in this way, the skin can’t eliminate toxins from the body, which causes them to affect the body’s cells. Avoid all petroleum-based skincare products.

Preservatives in baby skincare products:

These go by various names such as DMDM hydantoin, 2-bromo-2 nitropropane-1,3-diol, Diazolidinyl urea, Imidazolidinyl urea, and Quaternium-15. They cause allergies and irritation, but also release formaldehyde which is a neurotoxin and carcinogen, as Green People reports. Other preservatives, such as parabens, are also worth giving a skip. Read product labels!

BPA in food and clothing:

BPA is found in plastic, so you want to avoid using plastic containers for food – and especially heating them in the microwave as this can release BPA and other harmful additives. Choose BPA-free food storage containers. Beware of bottled baby formula that can contain BPA, as well as plastic toys.


These are found in a range of products, such as skincare items (where it’s found in fragrance, as mentioned earlier). It’s a softening agent that’s also found in plastic toys, but it’s linked to reproductive problems as well as being a known carcinogenic. Your best bet is to avoid all plastic toys that release chemicals such as phthalates. An online store that offers healthier and eco-friendly alternatives, such as The Eco Baby Store, is a good idea to check out.

Chemicals in clothing:

When clothing is treated, such as to be stain-resistant or waterproof, a lot of chemicals have been used to make it that way. Avoid such clothing items that release toxins. Choose natural fibers instead, such as cotton, wool, and bamboo. Try to buy locally-produced clothing as much as possible. Clothing made in the USA is often less chemically-treated than clothing made overseas where few regulations exist, as reported by Clear And Well.

Now you’re making great green lifestyle progress! The amazing thing about going green and eliminating toxins from your baby’s life is that once you start, you’ll want to do more and more as time goes by. Knowing that you’re keeping your baby healthy and happy is definitely worth it.

Sources: Health Affairs, Best Health Magazine, Green People, Clean Label Project, Clear And Well

Editor’s Note: Giulia Simolo is a freelance content provider & writer for Daphyl’s LLC. Daphyl’s is a USA based multi-national world leader in safe, innovative, Licensed Rock N Roll, branded baby gear. The opinions, advice and assertions made in this article are for entertainment and information purposes only & are solely those of the author.


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