February 28

When Is It Safe For Babies to Drink Water?


Although adults are always told to drink lots of water every day, this rule doesn’t apply to babies! In fact, it might surprise you to discover why you need to tread carefully when giving your baby water. Here are the rules to follow.

Don’t Give Water To Babies Younger Than Six Months

There are quite a few reasons for this, as Baby Center explains. First, giving your baby too much water can disrupt his or her body’s absorption of breast milk or formula, as well as the nutrients found in those. Second, water can be filling, which can cause the baby not to want to eat, thus making him or her lack nutrients from food.

There’s also the danger of water intoxication. This can happen if you give your baby too much water. Although rare, this condition is when too much water dilutes the sodium and nutrient content in a baby’s body, causing tissues to swell. It can result in seizures, coma, and even death.

When to Let your Baby Drink Water | Daphyl's Iconic Baby Gear

Be Careful With Water When Baby’s Older

Your baby loves his or her Daphyl’s sippy cups that are full of fun and bright colors. These help your kids stay hydrated. But, don’t keep filling them up with water. Even when your baby’s hit the six-month mark, you should still avoid giving him or her too much water. A few sips here or there are fine. Limiting how much water your baby drinks is to prevent a lack of hunger that occurs from sipping too much of the beverage. Water can also give your baby a sore stomach.


Babies Don’t Need to Drink Water – No, Really!

As The Daily Mirror reports, babies receive all their fluids through milk, whether formula or breastmilk, and this is what keeps them hydrated. They will only start needing water on a daily basis once they hit the age of one. As Healthline reports, CHOC Children’s Hospital states that at the age of one, babies will need approximately an eight-ounce cup of water daily. This amount will increase a bit every year.

Sources: Baby Center, The Daily Mirror, Healthline

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