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Make Sure Your Picky Toddler is Getting Proper Nutrition

By January 7, 2019Health, Parenting
Proper Nutrition | Daphyl's Iconic Baby Gear

As children begin to verbalize, they exercise power over their thoughts when realizing they have the ability to express them, and with this comes picky eaters. After the first birthday, a child’s physical growth will slow down, and they will only gain about five pounds each year. Their need for food will lessen, so they won’t be as open to the idea of eating as they may have been in the past. Even though your toddler does not need to eat as much, they still need to be getting the proper nutrition. But how can you accomplish such a daunting task with such a picky eater on your hands?

Make Meals Fun

 For the parents with a creative side who have a few extra minutes on their hands, prep meals with a little flair. Make a face with hummus and veggies, or use stencils to create animal-shaped pancakes. This will take no more than five minutes to do, and your kid will be much more excited about lunch-time.

Proper Nutrition | Daphyl's Iconic Baby Gear

Feed Them High-Calorie Foods

 Given that they are high in nutrients, high-calorie foods will have a deeper nutritious impact on what your child is eating. These foods can include hummus, avocados, brown rice, whole grain pasta, almond or peanut butter, chicken breast, eggs, Greek yogurt, or cheese.

Even if your child decides halfway through lunch that they aren’t hungry anymore, they will at least have taken in more nutritious calories than empty ones.

Make Smoothies

 You shouldn’t liquify every meal, however, it’s a great way to sneak some fruits and protein into your kid’s day. Strawberry mango, blueberry banana, and chocolate peanut butter are popular flavors among kids.

If your child is still in the sippy cup stage, check out some of Daphyl’s sippy cups here. If you are feeding them smoothies through a sippy cup, give the smoothie a few extra minutes to soften so it comes out easier.

Proper Nutrition | Daphyl's Iconic Baby Gear

Have Them Help Out with Meal Prep

Kids love feeling a sense of pride in their accomplishments. Consider having your child help you out with some of the smaller food prep tasks.

Getting items from the pantry, pouring, and stirring, are among the simple tasks your child can do easily. Helping out with meal prep will make your toddler excited to eat the food in the hopes that everyone else will be excited, too.

These are just some of the tips we think will help your toddlers get the proper nutrition as they grow and change their eating habits.

Editor’s Note: Julia Miglets is a freelance content provider & writer for Daphyl’s LLC. Daphyl’s is a USA based multi-national world leader in safe, innovative, Licensed Rock N Roll, branded baby gear. The opinions, advice and assertions made in this article are for entertainment and information purposes only & are solely those of the author.