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How to Wean Your Child Off Of the Pacifier

By December 18, 2018Health, Parenting

The transition from baby to toddler is filled with lots of changes, and while some kids adapt easily, others might need alternative methods of convincing. One of the things your child might have the most difficult time letting go of is their pacifier.

Some kids simply just lose interest or want to prove something by not using their binky anymore. But for others, the emotional attachment is hard to break.

Once your child turns two, it’s time to start slowly weaning them off the pacifier with the intention of avoiding dental problems in the future (why pay for braces if you can avoid them?).

By four years old, your child should not be using their pacifier at all.

If your child is being stubborn and will not give up the pacifier, it’s time to start considering alternative techniques.

Wean Your Child off the Pacifier | Daphyl's Iconic Baby GearGive the Pacifier a Sour Taste

Dipping the pacifier in lemon juice or vinegar, then allowing your child to use it, could turn them off to pacifiers for good. Toddlers can be some of the pickiest eaters around, so the unpleasant taste they associate with pacifiers is enough to get them to move on.

You might also try cutting the silicone part off their pacifier, leaving your toddler with nothing but the backing. They will soon lose interest in the pacifiers now that their favorite part is gone.

Wean Your Child off the Pacifier | Daphyl's Iconic Baby GearTransition to Sippy Cups

 You should start acquainting your child with sippy cups between six and nine months of age. They don’t necessarily have to be drinking from them, but you can use them as a bath-time toy (mess-free!).

The idea is to get your child acquainted with the mechanisms of the sippy cup so that when you’re ready to take away the pacifier (at about two years old), your child is mentally prepared to start using a sippy cup. This way, they won’t have such a hard time making the switch, and might even be welcoming of it.

Check out some of our sippy cups, which can help them get rid of the pacifier with their silicone spouts.

Quit Cold Turkey

 Some children don’t respond well to being coddled, which often seems to nurture their attachment to inanimate objects. If you’ve reached a high level of frustration, give your toddler no other option but to leave their pacifiers in the past.

Encourage your child to move on by stressing that pacifiers are for babies, and your child should want to be a big boy/girl.

Expect torrents of tears and tantrums, but above all, do not give in. Eventually, your kid will forget all about their pacifier and revel in the glory of becoming a big kid.

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