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Jeffrey Rosenberg

From The Cradle To The Stage

By | Company News

Daphyl’s a New Jersey based company, has rocked the baby community and is rewriting the proverbial parenting gear playbook. Stemming from the desire to bring greatness to the youngest generation, Daphyl’s CEO & Founder Micky Goldschmidt has licensed the most iconic brands in Rock N Roll history and emblazoned a slice of their largess and grandiosity onto the lifestyle essentials of parenting.

From a black sippy cup with the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon prism to an all tie dye stroller covered with the Grateful Dead’s loveable dancing bears it is truly a new dawn for the baby gear market. The emergence of Daphyl’s seeks to mark the end of the overly sanitized, and immense glut of cartoon characters that have singularly dominated the creative sphere of the marketplace for the last sixty plus years. Daphyl’s has secured licensing with The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, The Who, Pantera and most recently “The King” Elvis, allowing the company to truly encapsulate all arenas of Rock N Roll with their product line. The need for upgrade in the marketplace and the freshness of Daphyl’s products has not been lost on some of the largest retailers in the country.

Currently being carried by Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Buy Buy Baby, Amazon, Shoprite supermarkets and others it looks as though you really “Can’t stop Rock N Roll”.

Beatles Quiz

By | Kids Fashion, Music, Parenting

My 9 year old, Nicholas, really enjoys reading. He recently found a book series at his school book fair that he fell in love with. It is called the Who Was Book Series, it is intended for children, and the book that caught his attention is Who Were The Beatles? by Geoff Edgers. There are over 120 books in this series, 6 of them being musicians.

He now walks around like a Beatles expert telling the family all these interesting facts about The Beatles or quizzing us to see if we know the answers; we hear a lot of “Did you know…” and “Guess what…” It is very cool to see him delving into the history of the band and not just the music.

We were driving through a town called East Liverpool the other day and he saw the road sign and said “Liverpool, that is where The Beatles are from, but in England not America.” We got a good laugh out of that. So without further ado, I thought it would be fun for him to come up with a quiz about The Beatles to test your knowledge, see how well you can do!


Beatles Quiz Questions:

  1. What name did The Beatles go by before they became The Beatles?
  2. What were two nicknames The Beatles may have been called?
  3. Where did the name The Beatles come from?
  4. Who was the youngest and oldest Beatle?
  5. What inspired them to form a band?
  6. How did The Beatles style their hair?
  7. Which Beatle had the happiest childhood?
  8. What was their first single in England?
  9. They could sell out a show in 30 mins and fans chased them everywhere they went, what was this frenzy called?
  10. Why did The Beatles leave their families?




  1. The Quarrymen
  2. The Mop Tops or The Fab Four
  3. Not a bug, it was because their music had such a strong beat.
  4. Youngest Paul McCartney 6/18/42 and oldest Ringo Starr 7/7/1940
  5. Other bands like Elvis and Little Richard
  6. 1st with grease, then in German style later known as the mop top (grow your hair out and comb it forward), eventually long
  7. George Harrison, he didn’t lose parents or get sick like the others.
  8. Please Please Me
  9. Beatlemania
  10. To go on tour


— Jessica Blackwood is a mother of 3 boys from Pennsylvania