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Daphyl’s is making waves and taking names. We’re creating quite the buzz with our Rock N’ Roll Baby Gear and all of our new products coming to the market. Check out what they are saying about us in the media!

Pantera have an official stroller, perfect for any metal baby this Christmas

Alternative Press
December 7, 2017
Daphyls‘ slogan is “Babies Rock,” and the baby in your household will most definitely rock when they have their very own Pantera stroller. The thing’s on sale for $59.99 right here, so get your order in before it’s too late! “The minivan may not be the coolest ride, but that doesn’t mean the stroller can’t be,” …

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Here It Is: Soundfly’s 2017 Bizarre Holiday Gift Guide for the Musically Inclined

December 11, 2017
Holiday content doesn’t typically get searched-for, found, or read, after the morning bells of January 1st stop ringing — but for some reason, people have been emailing me all year about Soundfly’s 2016 “Bizarre Holiday Gift List.” So, I guess there really is no time of the year when it isn’t appropriate to buy someone a musical gift!

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A Vulgar Display of Parenting: Here’s that Pantera Baby Stroller You Always Wanted

December 7, 2017
Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend Vanyaland published its first ever Gift Guide, but now we kind of wish we held off, as the greatest gift for rock and roll parents of small children and babies has arrived: This Pantera stroller.

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