About Daphyl’s

August 1982 – When Rob Halford belted out his legendary verse, “If you think I’ll sit around and watch this world go by, you’re thinking like a fool…” he likely didn’t realize that he was speaking to the future inspiration for a baby products company. But as it happens, along with countless other verses, songs, melodies and Rock personalities, it is exactly what was happening.
Plush Toys

Daphyl’s was born from the strongest desire to bring a bit of Rock & Roll legend, fun, and cool to our youngest generation.

Begun in Fall 2010 by founder Micky Goldschmidt, Daphyl’s mission has remained to produce the highest quality and safest baby lifestyle products, infused with the most iconic and legendary Rock & Roll. What we’ve been able to bring forth has exceeded all of our expectations.

What began as a search for a Led Zeppelin bouncy seat has grown into a full product line complete with Sippy Cups, Strollers, Plush Toys, Play Mirrors, Bibs, and Bouncy Seats (Zeppelin still hopefully coming) emblazoned with art and imagery of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, The Who, and coming soon – Pantera, Jimi Hendrix, and The King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley, with even more great legends in the works.

The professional team that is Daphyl’s is comprised of hundreds of combined years of experience in manufacturing, music, graphic design, product design and safety design. Our singular focus, to break free of nearly 60 years of style stagnation in the infant market and offer the most fun, interactive and coolest products the market has ever seen.

At Daphyl’s we believe that safe doesn’t have to be boring, and style doesn’t need to be relegated to only pastel pink and blue and that Babies Rock and so should their products.

“For Those About to Rock, We Salute You!”

-Brian Johnson,